Saturday, February 15, 2014

Same day ... different craft

Yesterday's sunshine melted most of the snow. Then it began to rain near midnight. This morning ... yep ... same ol' snow. This is where I plant cucumbers, tomatoes, morning glories, moon flowers ... {{sigh}} ... soon ... I pray, I will be doing that again. I usually clean up the area at the end of each season but just couldn't do it this past fall. It looks a mess and I apologize for that. It will look beautiful ... as soon as I can get out there to it.

It may be the same ol' weather but I have decided to spend the day on a different craft. I finished the copper wrap; it is now in a bath of cool, soapy water having a rest. My cousin is a freshman in college. Being a social butterfly, she has anxiously joined a sorority. I know nothing about that life. She is extremely excited and feels quite "grown up" now. I read many Facebook postings from young girls who are now "sisters" and "big sisters" saying "so glad you ran our way little turtle." I had no idea of the meaning of what they were saying but it made me laugh. I later realized the mascot is a turtle and the colors are pink, green and white. I've not made anything for this beautiful girl with the kindest heart of all for a while. I decided I'd get a set of white pillow cases and make a memorable something to her becoming a turtle. I looked at her photos of the girls at their initiation (I'm guessing that's what it was). Dots on their faces. A "flower child" headband with a pink flower. Decor everywhere. I came up with this sketch as an idea: 

I'm going to crochet a tiny pink flower to put on the braided headband. The dots on her face will be opalescent seed beads. I'll have different shades of pink flowers on the shell with the DZ worked in there somewhere. The second pillow case will have the symbol and initiation date with college name on it. I put the turtle in the lower right corner of the case. If she wants to use it, nothing will rub against her face at night. Below is all I need today: coffee, roll on Biofreeze, my Ott-light and of course, the embroidery tools.

I apologize for my photos today. I just can't get my eyes "unblurry". I've used drops already but I fear it's time for prescription glasses. I can't keep up with the $2 pairs from Walmart. I just hate the thought of purchasing real glasses.

I hope your day is as nice and peaceful and productive as I think mine will be.


  1. That will be a very special gift, LesleyAnn :)

  2. Hi LesleyAnn! Surely spring is just around the corner. Your gardening space looks about like mine. Some I cleaned up, but most I didn't. I can't wait to get out of the house and do something. I've been at Lowe's already today picking up things for a few projects. I want to try making some hypertufa pots...we'll see how that goes.
    That little turtle is just adorable! I bet you niece will love it. You're a pretty good artist! I can't wait to see the pillowcases all finished. That was a great idea.
    Stay warm and have a cup o' coffee for me!

  3. Here where I live (Portugal) it is already the rainiest winter since 1963, it has been raining for 3 weeks non-stop, but yesterday I heard little birds singing from the first time - it is a sign of Spring. Your niece will enjoy the gift you are making. Have a great week. Ana

  4. That is such a fun and charming idea - your cousin will be thrilled. The sun is shining here at last - hope it makes it across the big pond to you. Happy stitching!

  5. Your turtle pillowcase idea is sure to be a hit with all those girls....are you prepared to make many, many more? The Biofreeze and coffee....sounds like me.

  6. Hi Lesley Ann,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I am following you now also.
    I love the turtle; what a thoughtful gift! You are very creative.

  7. I just know you niece will love the pillowcase -- very thoughtful and creative. :)

  8. Such a cute turtle! Hope your vision is in the clear again. :)


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