Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

I'm beyond proud to be an American.
With all its good and not-so-good moments ...
I love my country.
This flag, to me, is a precious symbol of hope and freedom fought with the blood, sweat, tears and lives of many, past and present, both known and unknown.

I thank those I've known and wept over and those strangers who gave life and limb for my freedom. It's not free and I certainly do not take it for granted.


I've been a stranger to my laptop, other than bill payment, since my aunt had a stroke on May 17. I've missed so many blogs and playing catch-up is not something I can do right now. My aunt has no spouse or children. I am the only one who will care for her needs and finances. Right now, she is in an assisted living facility but I will soon have to bring her to my home. Please add the both of us to your prayer lists. It's difficult using a wheelchair and caring for oneself. To do that and care for another is terribly difficult. I do need all the prayers you're willing to say for me and my aunt.

I hope in a few months I'll have everything settled to a strict schedule with enough time to blog and visit those I enjoy so much.

God bless you all.