Friday, September 27, 2013

I Won!

I won some beautifully painted merino/tussah silk fiber from Three Waters Farm via Phat Fiber Sample Box. I'm so excited!! I now MUST learn to spin fiber! I have another 4 oz braid of fiber waiting for spinning and now with this beautiful combination of colors, I have no choice. I'm so anxious to learn but have just kept putting it off. I'm looking online for a drop spindle. If you have any suggestions, please leave them for me. I'm in need of all the help I can get.

The color is called Lilac Road on the box and Purple Road on the tag. Both names are fitting although I never thought of these as colors of autumn. Along with the gold and rust and olive shades fading from one to the other, the blue and lilac and purple are perfect for the season.

This is the Etsy shop and Facebook page information if you're interested. She offers beautifully painted fiber and a variety of scented all natural goat's milk soap. The owner is a very nice lady. Stop in for a visit if you've time.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Pink Scarf Project

This is a re-posting of a prior post. :-) The end of the Pink Scarf Project is drawing nigh. Please consider purchasing or making a pink scarf and donate it to this great cause.

Whether you've been affected or not by breast cancer, I ask you to consider contributing a pink scarf, whether handmade or purchased to The Pink Scarf Project. Vicki at 2 Bags Full is hosting this endeavor and putting unimaginable effort and creativity into making this a beautiful and meaningful way to say "you're not alone". I know firsthand how one simple act of kindness can bring a lifetime of gratitude and appreciation and warm memories for years to come.

I've meant to do this for The Pink Scarf Project for quite a while but never took time to really look into it. Today, I did that and I want to pass on the information to you and ask that you take time to hand someone a smile and a gift that will last a lifetime. Recently, my cousin (9 girl cousins grew up in Plum Hollow, same as sisters) was diagnosed with breast cancer as her daddy (my momma's brother, a daddy to me too) lay in a hospital dying. It was difficult for us all. She caught it early, due to a series of events only God could orchestrate, and had a lumpectomy. Of course, we never know what tomorrow will bring but I am so grateful to God that she is well today.

If you don't want to take time to read through the post, here's the gist: purchase, crochet, weave, knit, whatever art you prefer to make a neck scarf for a breast cancer patient/survivor. The color is pink. Other colors are acceptable with it, but it should be predominantly a shade of pink. That, after all, is the color that symbolizes breast cancer. I've included below the mailing address for the scarves. I ask, at some point before you mail your scarf, that you read the entire post and view the beautiful photos that Vicki has painstakingly staged for this spectacular event.

A special address for these donations has been created:

"Pink Scarf Project"
311 West Main Street
Grayson, Ky 41143 
(Please note that this address is for scarf donations only.)
Thank you for joining in ...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Healing Field

Once again, I took my 6-year-old friend, Aubrey, to the Healing Field at a local cemetery. Each flag represents a life taken due to the 9/11 tragedy in 2001. She and I have lunch and talk about what happened and how it happened. We pray for those who were and are still affected by the act and the deaths of so many people. Last year was our first year to do this. She and I plan to do it yearly as long as we can.

I worked at the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers on that dreadful day. Government offices were closed and most went home or gathered with loved ones. I went home and was glued to the television. I watched what those people on the screen were going through, in total disbelief. I sat there, wishing I wasn't alone, praying for those people and the safety of the United States of America.

I'm probably more fearful today of what might come our way than even on that day. Maybe because before 11 September 2001, I was so sure it was impossible that something like that could ever happen here.

Our beautiful country needs prayers now ... more than ever. We all need to pray that the future generations will be able to enjoy the freedoms and liberties and joy of living in the United States of America that make this country so great.