Monday, February 3, 2014

Here we go again ...

It began to snow about 4 AM after a many hours of heavy rain. The snows we've had this season have been very dry and fluffy. This snow, however, is quite heavy and wet. This snow concerns me. It builds up on the power lines and the next thing you know, you're in the dark and cold. So far, we've had about 2" of snow. But the temperatures are in the mid-30s so it should not be too bad. 

I've filled the bird feeders. The cats are sitting by the door watching ... waiting ... hoping to figure out how to get through that clear glass and grab one of our feathered friends. This is a photo from last week when Mister was hiding from the Mourning Dove on the other side of the door. Poor fellow. I've had to close the door when the temptation gets too great and he knocks himself silly trying to jump through the glass.

I finished some scarves for Christmas gifts. Here is a picture of one I crocheted for a friend:

This one I knitted for a friend. The green is a dark pine green but it didn't photograph well.

And one more crocheted Queen Anne's Lace scarf for another friend.


  1. Beautiful scarves.

    We don't get snow. However, 3 years ago we had some freak weather and the snow started piling up at the door for several days. All I can say, is it may be pretty but I hope it never happens again! :-)

  2. Oh, I love the scarves! The pink one is a gorgeous color. Love green, too.
    We finally got our quota for snow last week so I'm good if we don't get any this go-round. I'll be praying your power stays on.
    Isn't birdwatching fun - We have so many birds it's a joy to look out the window each day.
    Have a great week.

  3. Your scarves are lovely! Lots of snow here this am. Had to dig out before driving to work..........I was so tired I could not even be nervous! WVU even closed. OK coming home:)

  4. Wow, LesleyAnn, are you makin' scarves for NEXT Christmas ?!

  5. I hope the snow isn't to bad. Here we're deep in mud! But -no rain today and the sun is shining! That Queen Anne's Lace crochet pattern is lovely - you have some lucky friends!

  6. We're expecting a couple of inches later today -- nothing too scary I hope.

    Gorgeous scarves!

  7. wow - from Super sun, to wet and snowy - I appreciate the photos you post - and very very pretty scarves :)

  8. Hermosas bufandas. Comprendo el frio que debes tener con tanta lluvia y hielo.
    Saludos desde Chile

  9. Ohhh this winter has just been so miserable! I need sunshine and warm days! Your scarves are beautiful and they are the perfect way to keep busy on these long cold days --- thank goodness for our knitting and crochet -- we would be crazy by now if we couldnt pick up our needles!
    Thank you for your precious visit and your promise of prayers for our dear friend~

  10. Very pretty you have been busy, So that is the secret.... fill the bird feeders give the cats something to do while you get the chance to knit. Good plan, love the Queen Anne's Lace, you are talented.

  11. LesleyAnn, we have only had one small snow storm so far, but a lot of rain the past couple of days. We are in such a drought here in California. I hope it makes a difference. My kitty is an indoor cat so she has the back of her favorite chair for bird watching. She sits very quietly and watches. She is probably planning the great escape some day..Happy Sunday..Judy

  12. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! We have about 2 inches of snow so far from the current storm, and it's supposed to snow through Thursday so I have no idea how much there will be by the time it's done. Hoping and praying your power stays on - ours, too. :)

  13. Very nice knits. I like to knit...not real good at it, but I enjoy it. I can knit a scarf a mile long, and here in New York, right now, it's just what we need....a scarf that you can wrap and wrap and wrap...and wrap... Anyway, enjoying the blog party. Thanks for stopping by for a visit! Aloha


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