Saturday, December 5, 2015

Just another day ...

The weather here has been unseasonally warm. The mornings are cold with very heavy frosts but the days have warmed to near 60 until today ... 73 degrees! Tomorrow is supposed to be near the same. I feel a bit odd searching for icicle lights to hang outdoors when I feel the need to weed a flower bed or do some sort of outside work.

I purchased my dishwasher last evening. I feel I made a good choice and got a good price. Whirlpool 51-decibel (supposed to be quiet enough to not disturb kitchen conversation); originally $599, on sale for $379. I'm used to the $100 loud one I had so I won't know what to do with a nice one! I'm excited for Thursday's delivery. I gave the old one to my aunt's cleaning lady. Her husband will be here Monday to get it and repair it. I'm told it's just a hose plugged up. I hope that's all it is. I'd rather give it to someone who doesn't have one than let Lowe's take it off and dump it.

Mister, my tabby buddy, has been diagnosed with diabetes. It just broke my heart when the vet told me. I just didn't want to deal with another sick one. He's lost one pound. He has a skin condition that requires steroid shots. The steroid shots have caused diabetes. I can't stop the steroid shots because the skin condition gets quite severe. He loses hair down his spine and raw sores develop. I will wait longer periods of time between the shots. That should help a little. He's shown signs of diabetes with the lethargy and abundance of water intake. He'd gotten to the point where he would just lay by the water fountain because he was too tired to walk to it so often. I just placed his bed by it so he'd be comfortable. The vet started him on glipizide and I get it filled at my pharmacy. I got an odd look when they asked for my date of birth and I said "I have no idea; it's for my cat". ha He's doing better after the medicine. I give him a tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt with a crushed pill in it and he gobbles it down twice a day. Hopefully it will always be this easy.