Friday, November 15, 2013

Random 5 Friday

I'm joining Nancy at A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday.

1. A few weeks ago, I met up with some family members for dinner at Bob Evans. My cousin (back row, center), her husband and her granddaughter (in front) was passing through and made an overnight stop to visit. The ones in the red vest, mauve pullover and black cardigan and I (in the wheelchair) grew up within a few hundred yards of each other in Plum Hollow. We were more like sisters than cousins. The visit brought lots of good memories to surface. I wish children could grow up like we did back then.
2. The pump went out on my septic tank. After 3 weeks and thus far $1,084, I have a temporary fix. When the pump went out, it caused electrical problems. The pump was replaced and the electrical problem has been temporarily fixed. At least I can wash clothes and take way-too-long showers and 40-gallon baths now. The latter two are on the very short list of luxuries I enjoy. I abuse them whenever I can.
3.  I'm getting pretty good at spinning fiber. It's quite enjoyable, relaxing and productive.
4. My favorite thing when it snows is watching my dog. He licks it for a bit then digs in with his teeth and eats it as he does food. I've never seen a dog enjoy snow as he does. He won't go outside if it's raining though. Forget it. Not happening.
5.  I think I'd like to have one of those single-serving Keurig coffee makers. I have a perfectly good Cuisinart 12-cup coffee maker that I've had for years and it will probably last a few more. I just can't decide what to do.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Marshall University Plane Crash

Forty-three years ago. November 14, 1970. A dark, foggy, cold, rainy night in Wayne County, West Virginia. Seventy-five souls perished in the worst single air tragedy in NCAA sports history.  Almost the entire Marshall University football team, coaches, flight crew, and many fans lost their lives that night when the plane carrying them home from a 17-14 loss to East Carolina University crashed into a hillside.

Our community was and forever will be heartbroken at the event that is forever seared into our memories. I was seven years old at the time. I recall watching the news with my parents. I had no idea what was happening but I knew it was bad.

This is a photo of the Memorial Student Center Fountain that stands in memory of those victims. Every year, on November 14, a memorial service is held at this fountain. There are speakers, many who are children of those parents who perished, and the laying of a ceremonial wreath. The water to the fountain is turned off from the end of the ceremony until Spring the next year.
The fountain is more than 13 feet high and weighs 6,500 pounds. There are 75 points encircling the top of the fountain. One for each life that was lost. There is also a bronze plaque inscribed:
"They shall live on in the hearts of their families and friends forever, and this memorial records their loss to the university and to the community."

There also is a memorial that overlooks the area where the plane crashed into the hillside: 

Here is a youtube clip from the movie "We Are Marshall" starring Matthew McConaughey that was made in 2006. It's a scene of a pre-game speech the first season after the crash. I did not make this youtube video.

If you are in Huntington, West Virginia for any length of time, you will also shout:

We are ...


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's snowing ...

I awoke this morning to a blanket of about 1.5 inches of heavy, wet snow. This was my view when I opened the back door:
As you can see, I was not prepared for snow. I've not put away a few pots of dead flowers and soil. It's supposed to be in the 60s by weekend so I'll do it then. I also have not dug out my snow shovel nor have I purchased pet-safe de-icer.
I had an appointment at 9:30 in the City this morning. I left in plenty of time. Here are a few photos of the drive:

The sun was doing it's best to give some warmth but the clouds were doing their best to prevent it. Unfortunately, the clouds won. They skies closed and it's been cold and damp all day. I returned home about noon and crawled into bed with Samson, Miss Cleo and Mister. We all slept for about two hours. ha I didn't sleep that long last night for some reason.
Hope your day is sunny, dry and happy.