Thursday, February 13, 2014

Forecast ...

WRONG FORECAST: "not more than an inch", said the weatherman. Woke up to over 2 inches and now before 10:30 AM there is more than 4 inches of snow. That silly storm took a left turn and headed straight for us! This is the type of snow that downs power lines and trees. There has been no road treatment for some reason. I've cleared an eating space of snow twice so far so the birds can eat without having to dig through it. The cats are having their usual intense bird watching sessions.

RIGHT FORECAST: 100% chance of knitting.

And snoozing ... 


  1. Yay for knitting and snoozing! Love the yarn color.
    LesleyAnn, this is one of the few times our weather folks have got a storm right in years. We usually have a run on the grocery stores and no snow, lol. Enjoy your knitting!

  2. Stay warm and be safe. Enjoy your opportunity to knit.

  3. One year the weatherman predicted a "dusting of snow" we got 12"! Knitting was in the forecast then as well.

  4. That looks so cosy! Keep warm and safe and enjoy your knitting!

  5. Congratulations! You won my Beauty Pin!

  6. Your doggie is so sweet and what gorgeous knitting. My cats love to watch the birds too. We have had a few days lately where I could open a window for a short time and the cats love smelling the fresh air. I thank you for your visits/comments and I hope you enjoy this night.


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