Friday, April 15, 2016

I have felt poorly for quite a while now. On 31 March, I had a total hysterectomy. I feel much better now, except for exhaustion. I have severe anemia but am working hard to clear that up. Iron pills and eating well is all I know to do.

I bought these tulips at Aldi's before I had surgery. I love that store. They have unique items along with the best produce around. The tulips bloomed while I was home, recovering. I really enjoyed watching them open and show their lovely color.

Six tulips from Aldi's $2,99

Miss Cleo ... showing her true diva self.

I couldn't put Samson's bed away after he passed. Miss Cleo has found it to be one of her favorite spots. I have it on the couch because it keeps hair off the couch cover. If someone happens to drop by, I just put it in the floor. I've tried to go outside to enjoy coffee or relaxing a bit but every time I do, I can't help but cry; how lonely it is to be without my happy companion. I pray I get past this bit of sadness. I love being outdoors but it's not the same. I have never spent any time outside without Samson since we moved here 12 years ago.

I've wanted a small step-back cabinet for many years. Unfortunately, I've not come across one that fits my budget. A friend of mine found this at an estate sale for me. She called and asked if I thought it was worth $35. I jumped on it! There is a drawer and a door on both sides, 3 pegs on the left along with a 14" drop leaf on the right. I don't have it in this particular spot now but this is the only picture I have of it. It's helped tremendously with storage of two appliances and some small items. I'm still looking for a small step-back cabinet ... one day ... :-)

I hope your weekend is wonderful and you have the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.