Friday, February 21, 2014

Random 5 Friday

It's Random 5 Friday with Nancy at A Rural Journal! Click on over there and join in.

1. I miss seeing this flock of wild turkeys roaming around the yard. There is a pack of coyotes that has taken up homestead in the hollow behind my house. I'm afraid most of the turkeys ended up being coyote dinner.

2. Today's temps are 65 degrees F, winds are high and the sun is bright. Yesterday was 73 degrees F and perfect in every way. No. It's not predicted to last but I'm thanking God for this much needed Winter break.

3. I've enjoyed watching the Olympics but I'm ready to get back to normal evening television viewing.

4. Some years ago, I didn't mind at all to sit in a beautician's chair for 4 hours monthly getting my hair and nails done. Now, if I get to the beautician's chair one a year ... I've a feeling of accomplishment. It's almost time for visit. {{sigh}}

5. I plan to spend a few hours online today ordering a yarn spinning spindle and Spring flowering bulbs.

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Same day ... different craft

Yesterday's sunshine melted most of the snow. Then it began to rain near midnight. This morning ... yep ... same ol' snow. This is where I plant cucumbers, tomatoes, morning glories, moon flowers ... {{sigh}} ... soon ... I pray, I will be doing that again. I usually clean up the area at the end of each season but just couldn't do it this past fall. It looks a mess and I apologize for that. It will look beautiful ... as soon as I can get out there to it.

It may be the same ol' weather but I have decided to spend the day on a different craft. I finished the copper wrap; it is now in a bath of cool, soapy water having a rest. My cousin is a freshman in college. Being a social butterfly, she has anxiously joined a sorority. I know nothing about that life. She is extremely excited and feels quite "grown up" now. I read many Facebook postings from young girls who are now "sisters" and "big sisters" saying "so glad you ran our way little turtle." I had no idea of the meaning of what they were saying but it made me laugh. I later realized the mascot is a turtle and the colors are pink, green and white. I've not made anything for this beautiful girl with the kindest heart of all for a while. I decided I'd get a set of white pillow cases and make a memorable something to her becoming a turtle. I looked at her photos of the girls at their initiation (I'm guessing that's what it was). Dots on their faces. A "flower child" headband with a pink flower. Decor everywhere. I came up with this sketch as an idea: 

I'm going to crochet a tiny pink flower to put on the braided headband. The dots on her face will be opalescent seed beads. I'll have different shades of pink flowers on the shell with the DZ worked in there somewhere. The second pillow case will have the symbol and initiation date with college name on it. I put the turtle in the lower right corner of the case. If she wants to use it, nothing will rub against her face at night. Below is all I need today: coffee, roll on Biofreeze, my Ott-light and of course, the embroidery tools.

I apologize for my photos today. I just can't get my eyes "unblurry". I've used drops already but I fear it's time for prescription glasses. I can't keep up with the $2 pairs from Walmart. I just hate the thought of purchasing real glasses.

I hope your day is as nice and peaceful and productive as I think mine will be.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Forecast ...

WRONG FORECAST: "not more than an inch", said the weatherman. Woke up to over 2 inches and now before 10:30 AM there is more than 4 inches of snow. That silly storm took a left turn and headed straight for us! This is the type of snow that downs power lines and trees. There has been no road treatment for some reason. I've cleared an eating space of snow twice so far so the birds can eat without having to dig through it. The cats are having their usual intense bird watching sessions.

RIGHT FORECAST: 100% chance of knitting.

And snoozing ... 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Here we go again ...

It began to snow about 4 AM after a many hours of heavy rain. The snows we've had this season have been very dry and fluffy. This snow, however, is quite heavy and wet. This snow concerns me. It builds up on the power lines and the next thing you know, you're in the dark and cold. So far, we've had about 2" of snow. But the temperatures are in the mid-30s so it should not be too bad. 

I've filled the bird feeders. The cats are sitting by the door watching ... waiting ... hoping to figure out how to get through that clear glass and grab one of our feathered friends. This is a photo from last week when Mister was hiding from the Mourning Dove on the other side of the door. Poor fellow. I've had to close the door when the temptation gets too great and he knocks himself silly trying to jump through the glass.

I finished some scarves for Christmas gifts. Here is a picture of one I crocheted for a friend:

This one I knitted for a friend. The green is a dark pine green but it didn't photograph well.

And one more crocheted Queen Anne's Lace scarf for another friend.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hello February ...

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a day!! I'm spending time on the porch basking in the bright sun with Samson by my side. There is a wren in the bird bath washing off that winter goo. The wind chimes are dancing in the warm breeze. The sky is pale blue with a few fluffy white clouds. I'm just sitting here thank God for this day and the enjoyment of it. I'm thinking about what I'll plant and where. I'd like to make a troll house out of the tree stump in my front yard. All kinds of plans ... dreamin' in the sun ... lovin' every minute.

Is the month of January really gone? I'm happy to have survived it and, although the winter weather is not sleeping just yet, I'm grateful for this day.

I look so forward to seeing Plum Hollow once again look like this: