Friday, July 12, 2013

Random 5 Friday

It's Random 5 Friday at Nancy's Journal!

1. The Norfolk Southern coal train is passing by my house right now. This means that it will make its return trip at approximately 2 AM. I thought I'd never sleep through the train when I first moved back here. When I was growing up, it had stopped running. It started up again around 1979 but not on such a strict schedule as it does now. The coal mine a few miles from my home will be producing for decades to come, if allowed.

2. The low-hanging clouds proved the weather conditions yesterday. Steamy, hot and sweaty day.

3. I ran into an old friend while grocery shopping yesterday. We hadn't seen each other in about 18 years. We both stopped shopping, made our purchases and headed across the street for a Mexican lunch. The restaurant just happened to be a favorite of us both. We had such an enjoyable three hours. Now I have to finish shopping this evening. ha

4. Samson, my dog, was sick through the night. We had to get up several times for him to go out to eat some grass. He has acid reflux. I got online around 3 AM to search for remedies. I didn't see any "natural" remedies but I see that some people give their dogs Prilosec and similar prescription meds. Has anyone any experience with a dog having acid reflux? Any suggestions are appreciated.

5. I've not watched the news in about a week and have no idea what is going on in the world. That's a terrible thing to say even though it's true. Sometimes, I have to take a break from it all.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Hop on over to Nancy's Journal and join in on Random 5 Friday.


  1. Hi LesleyAnn, how nice that you got ran into your old friend and visited over lunch.

    I hear you on not watching the news. It's all bad nearly. We don't own a tv, so we only get snips from the pc when we wonder what's going on.

    "if allowed" is a loaded statement, isn't it. Me thinks there's some politically motivated selectivity in whether or not it will be allowed. My husband's family would have starved in Va. had it not been for his dad working in a coal mine.

    Have a great weekend! (my sisters will be visiting for most of a week starting tomorrow...can't wait)

  2. Poor dog. My husband has acid reflux too but fortunately I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to let him out. I see that WalMart is selling dog prescriptions now. Maybe they can answer that question. There's a cheaper alternative by prescription to Prilosec for people.

  3. Your poor Samson, I hadn't realized dogs suffer from acid reflux, doesn't seem right, hope you find a solution for him soon. What a wonderful surprize for you and your friend, 18 years is a long time. 2004 saw the last coal mine in France shut down there was some awful backlash from that, I hope that the mine you speak of keeps going.

  4. We have a train that runs thru our home town... I love hearing it whistle...some people are trying to make it stop whistling...but I love it!!! Right now living in the city...we don't have I seldom hear the news....

  5. I grew up around trains but there aren't any close by here, which is strange for me.

    I think it's awesome that you ran into your friend and actually spent 3 hours catching up over lunch. Very cool.

    I have given our dogs an occasional Tums, but not sure it would be something to do on a regular basis. I'd ask your vet. Have great weekend!

  6. We've had our share of "steamy, hot and sweaty" days too. It's either that or gray and rainy this summer. What an unexpected treat running into an old friend while grocery shopping!

  7. I agree with taking a break from the news! I like tobstay informed, but sometimes it gets to be too much. One thing right after another.

    I hope you find a good remedy for Samson. This is hard and stressful for both of you. It's so difficult when our pets get sick..

    How great to run into an old friend! And Mexican food. Super yummy! :)

  8. I never watch the news. TC gets the paper just so he has something to complain about. I really don't care what is going on in the world. I guess I should, but since I don't believe most of what news is "given" to us, I see no point in watching.

    I think that your impromptu lunch with a friend you haven't seen in 18 years is the coolest thing I have read about in a long long time. The fact that you both stopped what you were doing to take some time to is what life should be about. Most people would have just said a quick hello, nice to see you, gotta run and been back to the hustle and bustle. I want to be like you!

  9. i totally understand you walking away from the news - most of the time it is so sad & i wish for or need HAPPY times. have a good weekend. ( :

  10. We're having some acid reflux problems here, too... and I have a trip to the vet scheduled for Monday and will ask about it!


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