Thursday, July 11, 2013


When a summer morning has low-hanging clouds like this, it's a sure sign that day will be a scorcher. I went outside near midnight and it was way too hot and humid for me.

These wildflowers grow along the highway rather heavily. They're a solid mass for miles. I remember the first season they began to grow along our roadsides. My granny and I were sitting on her front porch and she pointed them out, asking if I'd seen them before. That was spring 1982. I had not. She and I decided a bird had dropped us something new to enjoy while solving the problems of the world, while sitting in the swing of her front porch. It's a poor-quality photo. This bunch of flowers is probably 90-100 feet from where I was when I snapped the photo.

The rain stopped for a bit. The flowers were looking a little water-logged but have perked up in a few hours of sunshine. These are purple verbena. The striped and solid blooms are both from the same plant.

This little fellow was out with his family last evening eating some of that sweet clover.

Another storm came upon us last night. Severe winds. Heavy rains. It's been feast or famine here for the past year. Last summer was drought; this summer floods. I'm happy with whatever the day brings. Happy to live through it and see what the next day brings. I hope this day brings you joy. 


  1. Hi LesleyAnn! I love the flower photos. Is the blue one chicory? I think it might be. Your purple verbena looks great. I saw some other purple kind at Walmart, but I'm holding out for a pink one. ;)

    I see Peter Rabbit gets around, he was at our house over the weekend. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you Tea! It IS chicory! After you said that, it came to my mind that my granny knew that after she looked closely. I totally forgot until you said it. I'd never paid attention to the name.

      You'll love the pink verbena. I've had yellow, purple and pink and the hummers choose the pink over the other colors every time. I'd love to have a red one to see if they'd still choose the pink.

      Two summers ago, there was two rabbits that took up homesteading under my storage building. Now, they're everywhere! haha I sit on the porch during evening hours and watch them munch on clover. I've caught one in my lettuce bed a few mornings but he's not hurt anything. I've got plenty of lettuce for the two of us.

  2. Read your comment on Cozy House's blog and agree with you... I wrote a post about the vituperative comments... don't know whether or not I'll post it yet today... but the comment directly following yours is one that I refer to in my post. The blogger there regularly asked for people's opinions, and is very vehemently denying anyone else to give an opinion or criticize. I had quit reading the blog, in fact, and noticed the post title on someone else's blog yesterday and went over to read the post. The vehemence of the responses amazes me.


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