Friday, June 14, 2013

Random 5 Friday

A random view while enjoying coffee on the deck this morning ...

I'm joining Nancy at A Rural Journal. Take a moment and visit her; join in on the Random 5 Friday. She's got a great blog.
1. I'm looking for a different vehicle. It's getting too laborious to hoist my hinny up into the Blazer. It's difficult finding a vehicle that suits me and I can also put my wheelchair in. Most always people suggest a van, which would be fine, but the cost of the installation of a wheelchair lift is a few thousand dollars and I cannot financially nor do I want to do that. As long as I'm able, I'll take the 'chair apart and pick it up. A friend test drove a Chevrolet HHR with me the other day. I like it a lot but that one had too many miles for me; 2009 with 105,000 miles. My 1999 Blazer has 110,000. haha
2. I'm not much for daytime TV although I do like to watch court trials. My dream was to be a lawyer. CourtTV (now TruTV) has stopped airing live trials. They've left that responsibility to HLN but in my opinion, they've dropped the ball. I have recently turned off the TV during the daytime hours and listen to whatever is going on outside. Usually a variety of birds. I enjoy the quietness of the morning hours.
3. I'm sick of the news. The White House, CIA, NSA, FBI, data-mining ... good grief. I'm sick because I know if they're watching me, they're literally getting paid to do nothing but be bored out of their minds. And if they're watching me ... why in the heck haven't they sent someone to help me out? You can tell by the picture above that I'm behind on the grass cutting because of the rains! :-)
4. I got my hair cut. When I was young and cute, I'd sit in that beautician's chair for hours every month. Now, if I get there once in 6 months, it's been a good year. I wanted my hair cut just above my shoulders. The beautician spoke with me seriously about the difference in length because my hair was well past my waist. I told her I am 50 years old; I am smart enough to know it will grow back and I'll have to do it all again. Before she could cut my hair, I had to sign a paper stating I realized I was asking to have more than 8 inches of my hair cut and I was releasing the Regis company of liability. I laughed out loud. Never has the thought of a law suit entered my mind over a bad hair cut.
5.  I have too much stuff. I need at least 2,500 sq ft to live comfortably but I have only 1,000. So, I've decided since my house will not grow easily, I am going to get rid of things. I'm somewhat of a pack rat I guess. I have two rooms I can barely enter because of the "stuff." As soon as I finish the grass this morning, I'll be spending the day indoors sorting through "stuff". I wish I could say it won't take that long but I'm realistic and hope I'll be finished by Labor Day. Some of it I will sell but most I'll donate to a woman I know who has built an autistic school in Haiti. She has rummage sales as long as the weather cooperates to raise money for the school.
I hope you enjoy your weekend and you're safe from all this crazy weather.
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  1. I never heard of that either your hair cut... that is funny!!

  2. I wish the CIA would come cut our grass TOO! Oh, and they could dust and vacuum my house while they are here too! LOL Stupid agencies.

  3. Love your facts. You and I could be twins, minus the wheel chair.

    My hair is down to my waist -- and my husband has forbid me to cut it. That's much worse than a lawsuit.

    I had a Ford Bronco before my divorce, but had to sell it as it was too expensive to keep. I loved that Bronco and wish I had kept it. Keep your Blazer if it makes sense for you.

  4. Hi LesleyAnn!
    I love the view from your deck! I need more trees - we're thinking about letting our pasture grow into a small, really small forest if we end up staying here.
    We have a 2000 Blazer with 164,000 miles, and I have to say it's by far the most comfortable vehicle we've ever owned. We have made up our minds several times to sell it, but we always back out. We'd miss it too much. We tried HHR's several times, but we never bought one. Hope you find a vehicle that suits your needs and is comfortable, too.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Goodness ... have never heard of signing a paper about getting a hair cut! Wow! Love the view from your deck. I'd sit there every morning. Welcome to Pack Rat Anonymous! :D :D :D :D I'm not as bad as I used to be, but do need to clean things out. I always start with the magazines! They go out into the recycling very fast. Good luck finding a vehicle that fits you and meets your needs. Nice 5. Have a great weekend.

  6. i cut my own hair when i need a trim. ever done that? ( :
    wish you well on picking a new car to you ...

  7. Wow. I've only ever heard about malpractice for doctors and lawyers.. certainly not hairdressers. Well, it's said we learn something new every day! :)

    I hope you find a vehicle that's the right price, mileage, and is comfortable for you. Sometimes that's not easy..

    I've cut way back on my TV watching too. Too much bad news about too many invasive govt. agencies!


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