Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's cooler ...

... Inside and out! It's been a nice 75 degrees today. The sun is beautiful and the sky is as blue as it can be with just a few fluffy clouds passing by.

The A/C man came near noon. A part with a "contact" burned out. I wondered for a bit about how much this would cost but then I thought ... doesn't really matter ... what is worrying going to help? ha My windows are still open. The breeze is so nice and every once in a while, I get a whiff of the last of the honeysuckle blooming nearby. When it's 100 degrees out there, I won't care how much that part costs as long as it's "contacting" and I'm not sweltering.

My Evening Primrose, aka 9 o'clocks, are blooming. Nature is amazing. You can almost set your watch by these flowers. They open at precisely 9 o'clock each evening. I also have mirabilis jalapas aka marvel of Peru, more commonly known as 4 o'clocks. They've not yet bloomed. The early Spring was so chilly and damp my flowers didn't sprout until very late this year. I'm hoping they have time to bloom for a while. My chrysanthemums are very late this year. They're only about 6" tall.

This bee was having a ball jumping from bloom to bloom. He likes flowers as much as I!

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  1. I agree, LesleyAnn, when the heat and humidity are high it doesn't matter what the cost, we need our cool air! I didn't know evening primroses were called 9 o'clocks. They are gorgeous!


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