Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sourdough starter and strawberries ...

Before I start with the title topics, I've a Samson update: he is one step away from being completely healed. He has a slight infection in the groin area wound and is on antibiotics. Here he is, anxiously awaiting the vet to removed his stitches. He had 20 stitches, total. He did very well with the removal, although the ones in the groin area caused pain. He's such a good dog, I don't think I could ever have another. He does exactly as I ask, for the most part. He adores me as much as I adore him. Thank you all for the posts and emails checking up on him. It means so much to me to know there are people who care.


A friend of mine always has Easter dinner the weekend after Easter so all of her grandchildren and children can attend. I plan to attend this year. I've missed the last few years and always regret it. I have a huge 17-pound tavern ham in my freezer that I will never be able eat. I have to limit how much ham I consume because too much always results in urinary tract infections for me. It had the same effect on my Granny. And I love ham as much as she did. I remember we'd be at the holiday dinner tables with ham on our plates and sheepishly look at each other as if to say, "do you have the pills?" haha We knew we'd suffer in the next days but it was just too good to pass up.

In addition to ham, I plan to make sourdough dinner rolls. I don't have starter so I got online and came across a blog post with her experience of sourdough starter. Mindie has an interesting blog in case you're looking for another spot to visit. :-) I will not leave my starter outside day and night, but I have it outside right now. I don't have porch roofs, unfortunately, so leaving it outdoors is not a good idea.

Look at the beautiful sky and bright sunshine we're having today! It's about 55 degrees. What a lovely, peaceful day.

Mine is a little lumpy. Not too many lumps but there are some. Have you made the sourdough starter? Do you think a few lumps (very small ones, I'll add) will cause a problem? Do you have any tips, tricks or experiences with sourdough starter? Recipes? I came across this recipe for a dinner roll that is soft. Generally sourdough bread is crusty and a bit tough. Although I do like heavy breads, I think I'd like to try this recipe because the photo looks mouthwatering. Yeah! I'd love any advice you can give because I'm totally new to this. I have a breadmaker I've not used in years. I'd like to dust it off and use it again, too.


We had wonderful, HOT, sunshiny weather last week. Yesterday the snow fell all day long. It had a great deal of rain with it so it did not accumulate but it was nasty and cold. Last night, the temperature dropped to 26 degrees. Not good on the strawberries that I dug and separated and moved to a new location on Saturday. Samson and I went out early afternoon and checked on them. They seem to be healthy even though they're not as perky as they were on Monday. I prayed they'd be safe from the cold because I couldn't get out there in the wet snow and rain to cover them last evening. The Lord kept watch on them for me and I'm grateful. 

I've given away about 30 plants and as you can see ... I have many more to find homes for ...

I hope your Holy Week is a fantastic one!


  1. I just went back and read the post on Samson, such a handsome boy!, and surgery; so glad he's healing well. It sounded like major surgery, especially for an older boy. I know what you mean about asking before doing something but...this is just me...I, mostly, gave up that control a long time ago. Probably when Dave died. Now, when the vet comes or, on those rare times when I have to take the animals to the vet, I give her free rein. Dr. Anne, I've know since she was 14 years old and if she makes a decision, it's going to be the right one for the animal. Maybe not for me but the right one for the animals. The other vet, Dr. Lois, is good and always calls before doing "whatever" and I like her as well. Knowing Anne for as long as I've known her lets me feel more confident with her. She's knows I'm an old fool and doesn't hold it against me. When Dave died in Nov 2011, we had a community Christmas party about 3 weeks later. I might as well have been stoned for all the sense I had at that time. Anne walked into the room, took one look, plopped her baby on my lap and said, "Here, you look like you need some baby time." I thought I could have cared less but, she was right; holding that baby was good medicine for me. It didn't do me long good but for those few minutes, it was good medicine. She and I have put down more than a few animals this hard, cold winter; she always has a hug because she knows what these animals mean to me. They are my family now.
    Re the sourdough starter...don't worry about a few lumps; it'll all work out when you make the bread. I believe Friendship Bread is also made with sourdough but it's been a long while since I've made it.
    God bless you and Samson this week; keep you safe.

  2. Hi LesleyAnn! It's great to read your post. I'm so glad Samson is doing well. He has such a pretty, gentle face.
    We love ham, too. I didn't know it causes urinary tract infections for some folks. I bet there's an herbal remedy for that - I'll have to look into it and get back to you if I find out anything.
    I had seen the post about the wild yeast starter, but I haven't tried it yet. It sounds really nifty. Please let us know how it turns out.
    Your strawberry beds look great. I changed my out from Everbearing to June bearing this year. I hope they do well. We had a hard frost last night so I covered my to keep the berries from freezing.
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. :)

  3. Hi LesleyAnn: I love that sweet little face. I'm so glad he came through the surgery well. Buddy had a lot of those fatty tumors also but never big enough to do anything about. They are such a comfort to us and we miss him being around. I'm read back a few posts and thought that was so cute that your kitty just had to touch him to make sure he was back and OK..Have a wonderful Easter..Judy

  4. I am delighted to see Samson's sweet face! Hopefully the infection will clear soon. I do have a recipe for Sourdough bread that is hand written by a dear friend that passed on many years ago. As I remember the starter did have a few lumps in it. I believe it was made with instant mashed potatoes....will have to dig out the recipe and see. The problem with Sourdough starter and bread is that you want to eat so much of it!!!! Have a very happy Easter! I have not heard of people getting urinary tract problems from eating ham. Sometimes knowing you can't have something, makes you want it all the more.
    The strawberry plants...I remember being pregnant and wanting to plant some husband went to buy the plants. In my mind the plants would be small but would have small berries on them. When he brought home the bundle of plants..not much more than roots with a few leaves, I burst into tears! Of course they grew into healthy plants with berries and those berries were delicious. I guess there is a moral in that story...don't judge a book by it's cover or something.

  5. Glad to see Samson doing better! Loving plants!

  6. aww, Samson is a real cutie. the recipe sounds interesting. my mom has done something similar. i believe.

    thank you for stopping by my blog. hope you are well. have a lovely Easter!! ( :

  7. wow- a beautiful wonderful post! the sourdough starter, the strawberry plants, and precious Samson - and you :) God is the giver of life, and cares for us so preciously - our souls are eternal, oh that people will know Christ as their Saviour, have all their sin paid for, and have eternal life, not eternal wrath.

    your blog is a blessing; so are you :D

    freshly baked bread is so wonderful! hooray for the bread and ham at Easter dinner - how great that you are can extend the celebrations through next weekend, and we can celebrate, yes, every single day!!!
    He is our sun and our shield - always :) and gives His grace and glory ps 84:11
    enjoy the sunshine :)

    my how quickly the weather changes at times !!

  8. I had great intentions once of starting a starter but that didn't turn out. I'm no help, sorry. I just love sourdough bread with spreadable cheese, sharp, maybe I'll have to start one. I'm a bread machine girl these days as I have a Bed and Breakfast and we go through a lot of bread. The maker makes two loaves a day and that saves me $$ I can't believe how much bread has risen in the past couple of years no pun intended. My strawberries need to get thinned as well


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