Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hump Day ...

It's Wednesday already. I had to look at the computer calendar to make sure of it. I've had some aggravation this week ... it seems to be pouring down on me lately more so than normal ... my dryer went out or the breaker went bad. A friend said he'd stop by this evening to look at it. I'll probably have to call someone from the nearby city to do any repairs. After my uncle passed away last year ... there is no one to call on who knows much about electricity or dryers or any appliances, for that matter. I don't mind hanging most of my clothing to dry but I cannot tolerate the towels. ha Good grief. Line-dried towels are like rubbing a dried up corn cob on your skin. It's just not a good thing.

This little ball of fuzz is a Silkie chick. My friends have a few dozen of these and a number of other breeds. This baby will grow up to look like this Silkie, except she'll be black ...

The strawberries I transplanted are blooming. A few still look a little peaked but I'm hoping they'll perk up. I love those strawberries. I love feeding them to my Quaker parrot. I usually do that outside. He slings bits all over the place when he eats them. He loves fresh fruit and vegetables ... and pizza and chips and just about anything I hand him.

There is no grass growing in the strawberry patch ... I got too close to the bed when I was cutting grass. :-/ I'm thinking if I leave it there til it dies, it'll turn brown and won't even be noticeable. Maybe? haha

I finally found a spindle that I felt good about purchasing. I'm not sure why this one was any different from the hundred others I looked at but it was. I purchased it from Spindler's Cottage at etsy. In addition to the spindle, he sent 2 oz of Brown Sheep Wool Company wool. I didn't have a proper carrier for this one so I'm using a bunny basket. It works for now. I've been spinning ...

... and spinning ...

It's such a relaxing craft. And after I complete that relaxing craft, I can knit with it. Which is another relaxing craft. I don't wanna do anything too stressful on purpose.  haha


  1. Wow! You are busy. Love that little chick. We haven't had chickens in years, but I always love looking at chicks & duckings at the fair. One of the local farms used to bring them in to the elementary school when I was young. We'd walk through the halls & hear them peep & quack.

  2. Hi LesleyAnn, I'm sorry to hear your dryer isn't working. I sure hope your friend is able to resolve the problem without having to get a new dryer. We just ad to replace a washer, but it was 21 years old so that wasn't bad. I burned up my grain mill last week, too, and that was my fault for trying to grind flax seeds in it. I had no idea I wasn't supposed to do that...oops.

    Love the baby silkie! They're so cute. Your strawberry plant looks good and healthy. I hope you get a ton of berries.
    Congrats on finding a spindle that you like - it sure is pretty.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Oh, the spindle looks beautiful! I have never tried spinning but it is one of those things that I find interesting and something to try. Would be fun to create a yarn and knit with it. Hopefully the dryer just got a litte too hot and will be working again. That fluffy little chick is a cutie!!!

  4. LesleyAnn that is the cutest picture of a Silkie chick. Strawberries are looking good, I like the idea of your straw mulch.

    Hugs Diane

  5. What a gorgeous Silkie chick - and the spindle is great. I love the idea of it, but am happy to watch your progress!

  6. praying for help with the dryer, and praising God always, no matter what - you share the loveliest photos LesleyAnn - thank you for sharing Plum Hollow with us :)

  7. I'm with you on not doing anything too stressful these days. Hoping your dryer isn't a big job. I got a spindle while on our last trip and I was shown how to do this but I've forgotten now. I'd like to get to it but my new grandson has kept me from doing stuff.

  8. Hi LesleyAnn - Thanks for popping by my blog today. I'm really happy for the kittens you mentioned that are safe and getting good care from you. I know exactly how exhausting kittens can be as I, too, cared for mother-less kittens many years ago. I hope you are one who can take naps throughout the day. :) Please keep me posted on how they are doing. It's really interesting to learn that you are on family land, too. It's such a special feeling to live where your roots are. Hugs, Deb


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