Monday, September 10, 2012

Enjoying the day ...

It was such a wonderfully nice day outside today. The sunny skies were clear blue.  Low humidity.  Temperature approximately 77 degrees.

I enjoyed the sites God provided. I'm so thankful for Him and his love for me.

I saw a few deer enjoying an evening snack ...

As I was watching them, suddenly a bunny came running from a nearby rock ... I have no idea what his problem was.  Maybe just getting a little exercise? haha

The bluebirds love their evening baths. They come every day between 5:00 and 5:20 PM. There are about a dozen bluebirds, some cardinals, a downy woodpecker and wrens that come to bathe.

This little fellow had a wonderful time splashing in the water.

I hope you enjoy your day and the Creator provides you with what makes you happy.


  1. Hi there, LesleyAnn! What gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! Those bluebirds are so pretty. And I am awestruck over the birdbath. It's truly beautiful.

    It's wonderful that you see deer near your home. We have only one time since we moved here nineteen years ago.. It's getting too built up around here.

    Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow.

  2. how lucky you are to have the bluebirds come to you. I have a whole natural area filled with their houses and they nest there every Spring and I see lots of them as I come down our country drive every day but I cannot seem to draw them to the feeders. I have put the fruits and mealworms they are supposed to love
    out but they never come. But I do have lots of other sweet birds that visit the feeders. Happy New Year LesleyAnn.


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