Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

I'm beyond proud to be an American.
With all its good and not-so-good moments ...
I love my country.
This flag, to me, is a precious symbol of hope and freedom fought with the blood, sweat, tears and lives of many, past and present, both known and unknown.

I thank those I've known and wept over and those strangers who gave life and limb for my freedom. It's not free and I certainly do not take it for granted.


I've been a stranger to my laptop, other than bill payment, since my aunt had a stroke on May 17. I've missed so many blogs and playing catch-up is not something I can do right now. My aunt has no spouse or children. I am the only one who will care for her needs and finances. Right now, she is in an assisted living facility but I will soon have to bring her to my home. Please add the both of us to your prayer lists. It's difficult using a wheelchair and caring for oneself. To do that and care for another is terribly difficult. I do need all the prayers you're willing to say for me and my aunt.

I hope in a few months I'll have everything settled to a strict schedule with enough time to blog and visit those I enjoy so much.

God bless you all.


  1. Oh Lesley Ann, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Will her insurance pay for any assistance for you? It sure did after my Mother was hospitalized and then in rehab. It paid for therapy and a visiting nurse. Try to take care of yourself.

  2. Just checking to see if you are well, you are missed.
    So sorry to read about your aunt, I hope time passing has treated her kindly.
    Take good care,


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