Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow and snow and snow ...

The blue "snowflake" in the picture is a window cling. I put them on the glass door to break the reflection so the birds won't try to fly through it.

The snow has covered the land and all it holds with a heavy blanket. I took this before it finally stopped on Friday. That tiny brownish strip on the other side of the tree is the one strip of paved roadway that is left to be seen. By the time it was all over, there was no tiny strip. The DoH had scraper trucks out with gravel and dirt spreaders. It was far too cold and coming down too quickly to use salt. There is a total of about 18" of dry, powdery, lightweight snow. As beautiful as it is, I thought I was going to die because of it. 


This photo below is the reason why. I begin to smother if I feel I'm "tied down". I know it's crazy. You'd think after 35 years of wheelchairs and crutches, I'd be familiar with being "tied down". But I have never really felt that way because I've always been 100% independent. That independence is very slowly diminishing in certain areas (I'm concerned with making my way up a ladder to change a light bulb now) but not in the area of getting myself "out" if I need or want. The front door was completely snowed shut. The back door was as you see below. I could get out but my wheelchair wouldn't be going with me. ha I've never had the extra money to have roofs put on the porches so the snow piles up to the doors. It's a horrible feeling. Fortunately, two very dear friends who always watch out for me came with shovels and brooms yesterday afternoon. I can now get out on my porches and feel like I can breathe. My cell phone battery died when we were out yesterday before I could get any pictures. I'll have more tomorrow. My car is out there somewhere. ha It's totally covered except for a tiny area on the front wheel.

Yep. That's a long string on the door knob. It's the only way I can close the door behind me instead of completely turning around and closing the door. I'm not patient about things like that and it was just too irritating to try to close the door, especially if I'm loaded with groceries.

While I'm snowed in for the next few days, I'm working on several projects. This crochet project is for a dear lifelong friend's first grandchild. It's a girl. The body of the blanket is Patons Astra (acrylic) white. I haven't chosen the three trim yarns yet. I know I want pink, light pink and gray. I'd like to find a yarn with a little sheen to it that will compliment the Astra. The nursery is in pink camoflouge and Jersey cows. Never have I seen or heard of such a combination but to each their own. ha This pattern, called Hugs of Love, is of intermediate skill level, but if you read the pattern carefully, and not get too involved in the television, you should be able to do it. 

 During one of my snack breaks, Miss Cleo decides she needs my Cheez-its more than I do. ha She loves Cheez-its.

I wanted some blueberry muffins for breakfast so I went to Just Cats, Deb's blog, in search of her blueberry muffin recipe.

I baked them in my Oster countertop convection oven that I really love. The only problem is I forgot to choose convection bake instead of just bake. That's partly why the tops didn't brown evenly. I baked the dozen on the right at the same time. They're blueberry with brown sugar. The three on the left I baked last because I wanted to try something different. I added a chunk of pineapple to each muffin center and put nutmeg and cinnamon on top. They don't look perfectly baked but they tasted perfectly baked. :-) I had one each and a big cup of hot tea.

Most churches and some businesses are closed today. I've been awake for several hours and haven't seen more than five cars on this main roadway. 

I hope wherever you are, you're warm and happy. And please, snow or no snow ... feed the birds and all the other little critters out there. They really do depend upon us.


  1. Hi Lesley Ann, that snow sure is something! I can totally understand your feeling of claustrophobia with it that deep. I hope you are able to get out and about soon. Love your baby blanket.

  2. as i read and enjoyed your entry, i wondered how you found me?? leaving me such a nice comment!! i also wondered why you are wheelchair bound?? i was twice, once for 6 months (i have MS) but i regained the use of my legs.

    your images are beautiful....i can certainly understand your fears about being able to get out of your home!! i am a knitter and a lover of blueberry muffins, those look delicious!!!

  3. Wow, you certainly got your share of snow. I hear you on the closed in feeling. I'm the world's worst for claustrophobia. If I have a bad dream I wake up not being able to breathe.

    That baby blanket pattern is really adorable. Love the sound of the color combination, too.

    I'm curious, or maybe just dumb, but what is the round blue spot in the first picture to the right of the tree? It's pretty whatever it is.

    Have a great Lord's Day!

  4. You certainly got a lot of snow. As a rule, we don't get much snow in this part of South Carolina. We had snow flurries starting in the wee hours of Saturday morning and continued through most of the morning hours. It left a pretty dusting on the ground, rooftops and trees. By this morning there was not much left of it. That crochet pattern is very pretty. Even the name is sweet. I hope you will be able to get out and about very soon!

  5. What a beautiful post. I am so thankful you were able to get out; God always blesses us with folks :) He is always watching over us. The crochet piece is lovely, what a great gift that will be :) yummy muffins too. Stay cosy, and may His grace and peace fill you LesleyAnn :D

  6. Those muffins look delicious and your crochet work is lovely. But the cat grabbed my attention...Miss Cleo is a lovely girl!


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