Monday, October 12, 2015

When is the right "time"?

This is the last time Samson and I spent time outdoors together. September 2015. He doesn't want to hang out anymore. He seems to be more comfortable indoors, sleeping.

I found Samson on December 9, 2003. It was bitter cold and snowing, with the nights dropping below zero. I had been to my property in the country where my aunt told me she'd seen two pups dead in a ditch down the road a few days prior. While driving by, I noticed one licking his paw. I immediately stopped my car and called a fellow I knew to ask him to come get the pup and put him in my Blazer. He did. Samson (as I later named him because I'd asked the Lord to restore his strength and fur) sat in the front seat just looking at me. He was so cold, his body was numb and he couldn't feel his broken hips and deep wounds. He was in the veterinary hospital for three days. He's been with me practically 24/7 since.

Samson has had multiple surgeries since for various tumors that pop up. He has a parathyroid gland tumor, diagnosed a year and a half ago. He's lost much weight, but is not emaciated. He is weak; stumbles and falls; appears to not see or hear well. He stands in one place often ... seemingly confused as to what exactly he wants to do. I have to really coax him to eat. He drinks two or three times a day but nothing like he once did. He sleeps all but a total of maybe an hour or two out of 24. I took him outside today to enjoy some sun. He always loved that. Twenty minutes seemed to exhaust him. He wanted in, made his way to the couch and is now sleeping.

I can't imagine how he will endure the winter. He gets dry heaves often; needs to eat grass. There really is none in the winter without digging through the snow. Since I use a wheelchair, I cannot get into the deep snow to assist him. His potty breaks are difficult because he doesn't like going out into the grass. He's never liked wet grass.

How do I decide when it is time to let him go? When is it time to cross that Rainbow Bridge? I don't want Samson to suffer. But I certainly don't want to shorten his life because I made the wrong decision.

Have you lost a furry friend this way? How did you make the decision? Do you have any regrets or wish you'd done something differently?

I know this is a difficult topic and if you choose to respond, I will appreciate it with all my heart.

Blessings ...


  1. Nearly a year ago I had one of my cats put to sleep. She had always suffered ill health, but a tumour had distorted her face, she wasn't eating and just seemed utterly miserable. I really had to ask myself was I doing it for me (because it was breaking my heart seeing her like that) or was I doing it for her. The vet agreed it was the right time and was surprised at how quickly she passed. I now believe she was closer to the end than we thought, and we just helped her over the last hurdle. It is such a shame our pets life spans are so much shorter than our own. I hope that you are able to make the right decision for Samson and yourself. It's not easy. All the best.

  2. we live temporarily in a fallen world, and my heart breaks for you BUT Lord Jesus will lead and guide you LesleyAnn - He really will. Our brother dog died in February, and his sister died in front of my eyes in late July - they were almost 15 yrs old (dachshunds) Our living hope is that we are together with Jesus the only Savior, and I believe the dogs will be there too - and they are no longer suffering., For precious Samson, the Lord will speak to your heart when the time is right - He already is speaking to your heart :) through the tears and the sadness, He greatly comforts you always. in whatever He calls you to do. I am praying for you daily, and have been since we first met - all glory and honor to God 2 corinthians 1:3-5 & 4:18

  3. ps He works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure LesleyAnn, ask His guidance, as I know you do and trust Him that He works in you to do His will - He does :) and His timing is almost perfect :) TRUST in Him philippians 2:13

  4. Oh, LesleyAnn, I'm tickled you are blogging again, but so sad to see Samson in poor spirits. He has been such a great dog for your. We lost one of our Golden Retrievers back in the heat of the summer, so sad, but that is the way this life is. I'll be praying for you and your decision concerning him. .
    I'm so glad you stopped by my site today. It's a pure pleasure to hear from you. :)
    Blessings and have a wonderful week!


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