Friday, October 18, 2013

Random 5 Friday

I'm joining A Rural Journal with Random 5 Friday.

1. The West Virginia weather is beautiful today but the colors of the trees are nothing this year like they were in the 2004 photo, above. This is my front yard.
2. One of my cousins I grew up with notified me yesterday they'll be passing through tomorrow. She and her husband will have their 5-year-old granddaughter with them. I'm looking forward to the family gathering. Not sure how Bob Evans restaurant will feel about it. :-)
3.  Next week will be my annual dog-sitting week for my cousin. She and her sister go to the Smokies for 8 days every October. I think next year I'm going to go alone if no one wants to go along. My heart has always been right there, for some reason.
4.  Covert Affairs began mid-season last night. I'll be watching the DVR tonight. I have such a difficult time watching live TV now. I find myself trying to fast forward through the commercials. It really has spoiled me. I've barely seen a commercial in a year!
5.  I've been practicing daily with spinning. I've learned that the alpaca fiber I received with the spindles is not a good fiber for beginners. I ordered a sample pack of various fibers with which to learn. I'm anxious to get started.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  1. i love Covert Affairs.... wish i had cable to keep up. i have to wait until Netflix or something like that has the shows. you enjoy! ( :
    happy weekend.

  2. I love animal sitting, our pets love it too. Spinning I used to do that as a child with my Aunt, as an adult I couldn't get the hang of it, will you knit or weave your spun yarn? And your photo is gorgeous appears to be on fire!

  3. Oh a five year old is going to be so much fun to have for the day. #3 call me:) don't go alone I cannot imagine passing up a trip like that:)
    I love your edit it is very beautiful. B

  4. Well that was a lovely fall photo but I'm sad you aren't seeing the colors this year. It's lovely here.
    You are so sweet to dog sit but I do think it would be great if you got to go too.
    I love taping shows to fast forward through the commercials.
    Enjoy that special family time.

  5. Hi LesleyAnn!
    Your family gathering at Bob Evans sounds like fun. Hope you enjoy the visit with your cousin.
    Sorry you will miss coming down to the Smokies this year, and hope you can come next year.
    We are helping some folks move some furniture today. Hope it doesn't rain. O.O
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Gorgeous photo! And entertaining guests at a restaurant -- stroke of genius, I say!

    I think I would like spinning, but I'm not very good at knitting... so what to do with all the yarn? :)

  7. Hi Lesley Ann. You just commented on my blog about an expensive dog food you use. Can you please tell me the brand name? I could not respond to your comment on my blog because it shows you as a 'no reply' commenter. Would REALLY appreciate hearing more about the dog food since Rowdy may need a change in his menu... Thanks. XOX


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