Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Pink Scarf Project

This is a re-posting of a prior post. :-) The end of the Pink Scarf Project is drawing nigh. Please consider purchasing or making a pink scarf and donate it to this great cause.

Whether you've been affected or not by breast cancer, I ask you to consider contributing a pink scarf, whether handmade or purchased to The Pink Scarf Project. Vicki at 2 Bags Full is hosting this endeavor and putting unimaginable effort and creativity into making this a beautiful and meaningful way to say "you're not alone". I know firsthand how one simple act of kindness can bring a lifetime of gratitude and appreciation and warm memories for years to come.

I've meant to do this for The Pink Scarf Project for quite a while but never took time to really look into it. Today, I did that and I want to pass on the information to you and ask that you take time to hand someone a smile and a gift that will last a lifetime. Recently, my cousin (9 girl cousins grew up in Plum Hollow, same as sisters) was diagnosed with breast cancer as her daddy (my momma's brother, a daddy to me too) lay in a hospital dying. It was difficult for us all. She caught it early, due to a series of events only God could orchestrate, and had a lumpectomy. Of course, we never know what tomorrow will bring but I am so grateful to God that she is well today.

If you don't want to take time to read through the post, here's the gist: purchase, crochet, weave, knit, whatever art you prefer to make a neck scarf for a breast cancer patient/survivor. The color is pink. Other colors are acceptable with it, but it should be predominantly a shade of pink. That, after all, is the color that symbolizes breast cancer. I've included below the mailing address for the scarves. I ask, at some point before you mail your scarf, that you read the entire post and view the beautiful photos that Vicki has painstakingly staged for this spectacular event.

A special address for these donations has been created:

"Pink Scarf Project"
311 West Main Street
Grayson, Ky 41143 
(Please note that this address is for scarf donations only.)
Thank you for joining in ...


  1. Lesley Ann-
    Thank you again for your wonderful and generous support of this project and for sharing the info with your friends. I'm so grateful --- you are so kind to do all this:)
    Thank you a hundred times over--

  2. Love the idea of giving a scarf to one of these brave ladies. Bless your hearts. :)

  3. Lesley-- your beautiful scarves have arrived and I'm so grateful. Thank you for your generous and truly lovely gifts -- they will be so loved and treasured when they go to new homes. I love you for doing this--



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