Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Granny's Lilac Bush

My granny planted this lilac bush 60-plus years ago. When I moved back to Plum Hollow in 2004 it was covered with some type of white mold and mildew and almost dead. I asked my uncle, who'd already decided it had to go, to not cut it down. I wanted to at least get a few cuttings from it. The first thing I did was cut out all the diseased branches. After that, I regularly watered it and gave it generous helpings of fertilizer. It responded well and by summer's end, it had doubled in size. Each year, I've marveled at how it has progressed and bloomed. This year, it has produced beyond anything I could imagine. Not only is it 10'-12' high and 7' +/- wide, it has 100-plus blossoms and fills the air with sweetness. I wish I'd gotten photos earlier but I had no batteries for my camera. I got batteries and something has happened that the camera won't work! My plan was to borrow a camera to get some good shots. Since there is a freeze warning for tonight, I decided to go ahead and use my iPhone. It has been terribly windy today, as you can tell in the photos. They're not the best, but I want to share them anyway.

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  1. Wow, I just love lilacs, and this is a gorgeous one. Good for you saving it from sure demise. Btw, love your new blogspot. Have a great week!
    - Toni


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