Sunday, July 7, 2013


Why would someone take a kitten less than 6 weeks old, weighing 1.7 pounds with an injury to its little mouth and toss it out? It's infuriating to me when people mistreat animals. If you don't want baby animals ... spay or neuter your adult animals! I found this tiny, hungry baby under my aunt's porch on Wednesday morning. It appeared it had been trying to shelter itself from the pouring rain and in fear. It was terribly frightened and confused. I had to literally sit on the porch ramp and entice the kitty to come out. I got milk and crumbled bread into it. Poor little thing. Its hunger was stronger than its fear. It lapped up the milk and consumed the bread that was really soaked but didn't seem to know what to do with the bread that needed to be chewed. After consuming a little, I picked it up. I was afraid if it ate too much at once, it might get sick. It hissed at me but it wasn't feral, just scared. I saw the injury on its right upper lip, put it in the carrier and went to my house. I changed my clothes and took it to the vet. I have no desire for another animal; I have more than enough. I didn't have the extra funds to vet this one but I can't let it go without care. The whole time I'm driving to the vet (about 17 miles) I'm thinking: "Lord, help me find this baby a home. I cannot keep it." I wouldn't mind having outside cats but the traffic on the road about 70 feet from my house is heavy and fast. All outside animals have eventually been killed by a vehicle.

I got antibiotics and wormer for the otherwise healthy kitty. I was dreading having to care for it (it's too young to determine gender yet) because I knew I'd get attached and it would be more difficult to find it a home. I sat the carrier on the ground and opened the Blazer door. A woman looking in her car trunk caught my eye. I'd seen her inside with a little boy and two small dogs. My response to the thought running through my mind was: 'you're crazy if you think she'll want a kitten with those little dogs.' I ignored my thought and went over to her and said, "You wouldn't happen to want a sweet little kitten, would you?" She said, "My son wants a kitten." I've since laughed at what the look on my face must've been. Shock and awe, to say the least. ha She came to where I'd sat the carrier down; asked me a few questions about the health of the kitten and the medicine involved. There was a little hesitancy but it dissolved when I told her I didn't want money for the medicine or the vet visit. I could tell she was budgeted on her money but still took care of her animals. I'd not have offered her the kitten but it was obvious she loved animals as much as I. So, happily I drove home, thanking God for giving me the courage to ask her and for giving a little boy a much-desired kitten. It probably would have been just as easy for the original owner to do the same instead of tossing it out on the side of the road.


  1. We see a lot of animals roaming around our area that have been turned out and abandoned. I don't think their owners think about much other than themselves. It's pretty awful to abandon a helpless animal. I'm so glad you were able to help the little bit and find it a good home. Thank the Lord!

  2. So happy that little kitten has a new home! Bless your heart for taking her to the vet. xo

  3. Lesley Ann--
    OMG--- bless you for having the heart to take care of that little kitten. God rewarded your good deed by placing that little boy and his Mom in that parking lot. I'm sure by now that kitten is healthy and loved very much.

    We have a similar story-- a little kitten wandered up to our door-- nearly starved. We brought her in to feed and calm her and on closer inspection we saw that she only had one eye. The other eye had been totally put out by a shot gun pellet and there were pellets in her side under her skin.

    I was mortified. We immediately took her to the vet - $200 later and now about 2 months later---she is healthy and beautiful--she is a light colored calico--- I named her Lizzie. Of course she will never have to worry again about food or care-- we are keeping her inside or house and she is delightful. Our other kitties love her as do we.

    There is a special place in h--- for people who treat animals like that.

    I really just stopped by to say hello and thank you for visiting my yarn room--- but I saw your story and it tugged at my heart. Guess we all have a story :)



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