Friday, February 21, 2014

Random 5 Friday

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1. I miss seeing this flock of wild turkeys roaming around the yard. There is a pack of coyotes that has taken up homestead in the hollow behind my house. I'm afraid most of the turkeys ended up being coyote dinner.

2. Today's temps are 65 degrees F, winds are high and the sun is bright. Yesterday was 73 degrees F and perfect in every way. No. It's not predicted to last but I'm thanking God for this much needed Winter break.

3. I've enjoyed watching the Olympics but I'm ready to get back to normal evening television viewing.

4. Some years ago, I didn't mind at all to sit in a beautician's chair for 4 hours monthly getting my hair and nails done. Now, if I get to the beautician's chair one a year ... I've a feeling of accomplishment. It's almost time for visit. {{sigh}}

5. I plan to spend a few hours online today ordering a yarn spinning spindle and Spring flowering bulbs.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I loved the pictures of the turkeys. I sure hope the coyotes haven't gotten them.

  2. I love the picture of the turkeys. These warmer, clear days give me hope for Spring! Have fun with your online ordering. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Cool turkey shot. It would be a shame if the Coyote's killed them all. - I know it's the "Circle of Life" but still it's sad.
    I go to the beautician about twice a year now. Just doesn't seem all that important anymore.
    Funny I was not to thrilled about the Olympics this year for some reason but yes regular TV will be nice again.
    Oh spring bulbs, how fun. What do you plan to plant. My daffodils and tulips are slowly popping up out of the ground.
    I must say I'm jealous of your super warm temperatures. We are in the mid 40's but that's about as warm as it's been.

  4. Hoping the turkeys are alright. The spindle sounds like a fund purchase and hope you enjoy it. A little treat is always good.

  5. 4 hours ... wow, that sounds luxurious. i use to get my hair colored ... no more. i save a fortune. fun turkey sighting. we see a few but never as many as you got to enjoy! so fun. i love living in the country for this very reason. turkeys, birds & other creatures. ( :

  6. OH I hope that some of the turkeys survived ! Enjoy your spindle and bulbs! :) I ordered flower seeds online not too long ago myself! :)

  7. 4 hours.....I don't think I could stand to sit there that long! I would often come home and cut on my hair to straighten up what had been done to it, so now I just cut and color myself...saves lots of money. Occasionally I do have to go and have them straighten out what I have done!!!LOL Do you remember Flo-Bees they hooked to the vacuum to cut your hair...I have one but now it used to groom the dog...when I used it, it was one of those times I had to be straightened out!

  8. wonderful random 5! hoping for a very soon spring for you :)

  9. I would love to learn to spin yarn -- but since I don't knit, I'm not sure what I would do with it. :)

  10. A spectacular flock of wild turkeys, hopefully they'll be laying more eggs this spring, and your flock will return to it's size.
    Thank you for visiting, and leaving such a sweet comment.

  11. Oh I with you on number four! :)

    Thank you so very much for visiting Decor To Adore~ Mildred's My Favorite 5 post.

    Have a beautiful week!

  12. wonderful photo of turkeys and spending 4 hours in a chair...I'd be crazy -LOL-. supposed to snow today/tomorrow, have a fire in the wood stove, just in case.

  13. Popping by for a short visit and a giggle. When passing through Amish Country in Pennsylvania I purchased a yard spinal, I find it funny when two people have so much in common. Hope you got your order made,

  14. Wow. You just reminded me that I bought a drop spindle online after I saw a demonstration at a fair. I have yet to give it a whirl! Thanks for the prompt! I'll let you know how it goes! Aloha

  15. I hope you post of photo of your spindle if you ended up getting one. We're still in the 20's here but would love to see it a bit higher.


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